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Android Enterprise device testing | Jason Bayton

Interesting topic! But Google really need to focus on fixing the issues with Android 7.1 devices. For the better success should really need to offer Android Enterprise only for > Android 8.0 devices only ? as an BYOD managers we are facing various AE compatible device but not all devices are really not eligible. Google should really open an exclusive corporate Android Enterprise support contracts

Can you elaborate? I’ve covered a lot of 7.x+ devices which behave as I’d expect and generally recommend 7.x+ (rather than 6.x or lower) because of it.

  1. BYOD Device running with Android 7.1.1 OS forced to setup one lock password for Work Profile, Device
  2. Few Chinese device running with Android 7.1.X doesnt work normal

On 1. the option is certainly there to allow for one universal passcode, however:

  • For passcodes more stringent enforced via EMM it’ll only require it for work profile
  • For re-unifying the device and work profile passcode, the device inherits the work profile passcode

So arguably it’s not ideal, and is addressed in Android P, but equally it’ll enforce a passcode that’s compliant with company policy that will take precedence if required.

On 2. Chinese phones normally aren’t GMS certified and likely won’t have the necessary APIs to correctly run Android enterprise solutions adequately. If they are, it’s on the OEM to fix any issues they have.

Hello, I am new.
and I face a problem about zero-touch
My phone is Sony xperia XZ
I load default, and in welcome page it ask me to click 3 times to get QR scanner and need QR code.
I don’t know where to get the code.
Could help to guide how to do in next, or where I can to get some help.

You’ll need to connect an EMM to G Suite as Google Apps (the legacy free version I also use) doesn’t have proper Android management built in (thanks Google).

Once you have an EMM which supports the QR code then you’ll be able to get the QR code from that vendor. MobileIron do their provisioner app for QR generation, Workspace One UEM generates them in-console, so on.

very thanks
I don’t order this function (EMM), so I don’t know how to add EMM 3rd part and use mobileiron.
find a app from mobileiron “provisioner”
and try to typing and scan qr from my phone
scan qr done, and downloads mobileiron admin app from internet, then ask
me to provide username and password.

Try all I have accounts, but it doesnt accept and can’t go in next step.

  • Phone will erase all and go back to default ( scan qr ), when select “leave”
    Does It must do on android cloud from PC browser or have other way ?

You need a valid MobileIron tenant or installation to use the provisioner with it. Without a valid EMM there’s no Android management in the free G Suite version, good opportunity to start looking for one!

I upgrade G suit to enterprise(evaluation), and make a token.
Register mobileiron free 30 days, but it doesn’t any response.
Use above register email and can’t login to mobileiron cloud.
Do I lost any step ?

I’m normal user, maybe I turn on or install a app to active this function.
For now, I would like to find a solution to disable and use this phone normally.
Could help to provide the QR code, let me scan and active my phone, then
remove this account to disable this feature?

Nokia 3.1 Plus (Pie/2020 update) Can’t add work profile X-D