Android Enterprise DPC identifier collection

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Android Enterprise DPC identifier collection | Jason Bayton

@jason just found out that the Airwatch DPC Identifier changed from afw#airwatch to afw#hub This was on yesterday 4/3/2019 as far as I can tell. Thanks for all your great work !

Already changed :slight_smile:

If you’re still seeing #airwatch please Ctrl+Shift+R or :apple:+Shift+R

afw#workspaceone seems to be valid as well

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Also notice inTune has afw#setup listed. I’m guessing that’s a typo?

Hi Team,

Requesting your assistance on one of the opportunity I am working with a customer who is having Lenovo Yoga Book – YB1-X90L . As per their requirement I have done the POC on one device, where all the features they have asked for have been achieved successfully. The POC which I have done, the device is same model, but the OS version was 6.0, however customer have tried to enrol some more devices of same model but on a different OS version i.e. 7.1.1 and they are facing issues on enrolling the devices on AE. After factory resetting the device when they enter the AFW# token, they are getting an error ”Couldn’t find your Google account”. I have tried to hard factory reset the device by getting into the root level, but still the device throwing the same error message.

As per the discussion with the customer that these devices were procured a year back and all the box pack device.

As per the device model I have checked that the device is listed on AE website Android Enterprise Solutions Directory. Please find the link with the video which customer has shared along with the device details.

Any suggestion to fix for this issue.

Nope, Intune is Android Management API :slight_smile:

I’ll add ws1. Thanks!

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Yeah. I found out about intune just after I posted that. Thanks for the info as always!

Hi @Suman_Chakraborty

Sorry for the delay. The Yoga Book is not an enterprise recommended device despite it sitting in the solutions directory, moreover Lenovo until as of late have been pretty poor supporting Android Enterprise, so it doesn’t surprise me to see you’re facing issues.

With 7.1.1 have you considered trying QR code enrolment (if supported, 6 taps on the welcome screen) or it lieu of that, NFC?

There’s no video link, but I know what you’re seeing.