Android enterprise first: AirWatch 9.4 lands with a new name and focus

(Jason Bayton) #1

(Sam Harris) #2

Any word on Work Profile on a Work Managed Device on this new version? I can’t see anything.

(Jason Bayton) #3

That’s coming later in the year so won’t be found in this release. Happy to see the interest in it though!

(Josh Pelkey) #4

Hey Jason, minor note, those are not the default branding colors for the 9.4 console. You can reset the branding in System Settings -> General -> Branding to see the default!

(Jason Bayton) #5

Done and done. The tenant I had access to was pre-configured, and no mention of that when I asked about the branding either :slight_smile:

(Greg Stuart) #6

Jason, good post! Thanks for laying this out nicely. I’ve been blogging about AW now for awhile, I think the changes, at least cosmetically, are not much to write about… what’s interesting is that even after all the new release info and updates to Android for Work, all people want to know is, “can AW see my pictures and web activity?” Haha, do you get these questions too?

(Jason Bayton) #7

Sorry for the delay @Greg_Stuart, I’ve been on hols :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised at the commentary around the visual/branding changes I’ve been seeing and hearing actually, it was a bit jarring for some folks to log in one day and see all new branding. Easily explained though, unlike your question!

I do indeed get asked what EMMs can see frequently. Not as often now as years passed but still. Legacy Android was the more difficult one to console given some EMMs could see various things folks weren’t (rightly) comfortable with, though AE provides a different story now.