Android enterprise independent validation process and information

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Return to device support Just looking for details of devices tested? Head back to Android enterprise device support. OEM or reseller? If you’re interested in knowing more about the project as a whole and the background around it, jump to project information. Otherwise, success criteria outlines exactly what is expected during the provisioning of an Android enterprise-compatible device. Device testing process What do I test? In order to validate the implementation of Android enterprise on a device, I undertake the following: Attempt to perform an NFC-bump using a provisioning application supplied by either MobileIron or AirWatch (normally both). Attempt to perform a QR scan based on codes generated manually (AirWatch source) or automatically. Attempt to enrol using the DPC identifier in the Google account prompt, normally afw#mobileiron.core, or afw#airwatch. Attempt to enrol using a GSuite address and the Google Device Policy Management DPC. Utilise any of the above provisioning methods to deploy a COSU (kiosk) environment. Utilise any of the above provisioning methods to deploy a Fully managed work profile (COPE) environment. Attempt to enrol into an EMM after normal setup to generate a work profile. If supported, attempt to enrol using zero-touch provisioning. The above provisioning tasks (with the exception of the GSuite enrolment currently) are documented here: Android enterprise provisioning guides. Testing may be completed on EMM platforms other than those mentioned above for any task at any time. Success criteria Below is a list of checks undertaken for each provisioning process. For work-managed provisioning, most checks are combined under work-managed (general). NFC The NFC…