Android Enterprise Recommended: HMD Global launch the Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 5.1

(Jason Bayton) #1

(Randall Cameron) #2

Great to see AER momentum continuing. I had a conversation yesterday with the importer of CAT phones into Australia to highlight the importance of getting on the list moving forward. The 5.1 looks like the perfect fleet phone IMO. ~ $400 in Australia puts it right in the sweet spot. I think hardware under this price point is limiting your options for both performance (your critical business app might not run) and features (biometric login etc.).

(Jason Bayton) #3

The only disappointment I had, as mentioned, with the 3.1 is the continued absence of a fingerprint sensor. I can’t imagine it’d add much more to the price and with it the only limiting factor is the chipset (depending on requirements). The 3 (2017) is a capable device though and the spec bump for the 3.1 will improve that further.

Because of that I’d agree though, the 5.1 is the better all-rounder!