Android Enterprise Recommended validation program

(Natheem Yousuf) #1


Could you please guide me on how to signup google android enterprise recommended validation program?

(Jason Bayton) #2

Hey @Natheem_Yousuf

You don’t stipulate which programme (EMM, Device, MSP)

  • For MSP, you can leave your details in this form
  • For EMM, you can apply through the EMM community
  • For devices I don’t have a link to hand, but let me know and I’ll get it.

(Natheem Yousuf) #3

MSP already I submitted that form. Also I completed "Android enterprise professional ". I would like to complete AIX(Android enterprise expert) validation.

Thanks for your quick response. @jason

(Jason Bayton) #4

Cool, Google aren’t open to new signups at the moment, but as soon as I hear otherwise I’ll forward everyone on my form to them also!

(Natheem Yousuf) #5

Thanks @jason