Android enterprise zero-touch console administration guide

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What is zero-touch enrolment? Zero-touch enrolment has been covered in depth in What is Android zero-touch enrolment? This document offers a good overview of what it is and why zero-touch is the future of Android management. This guide is intended for Organisations There are two scenarios for which the zero-touch console is used, as an organisation or as a reseller. This guide targets the former, a good resource for resellers can be found here. Prerequisites In order to gain access to the zero-touch console and configure devices, you must: Purchase zero-touch compatible devices from authorised resellers. Ensure the reseller creates a new zero-touch enrolment account on Ensure the reseller assigns your purchased devices to your portal. Any of the above steps not completed will result in an inability to configure devices. Getting started The simple zero-touch process The zero-touch portal is designed with absolute simplicity in mind; much like the DEP portal (if you’ve ever used it) it’s basically there for you to infrequently log in, create or assign a config to managed devices and carry on with all other management via your normal EMM solution. Creating configurations Once logged in, head over to Configurations to set one (or more) up, ready to assign to your devices: Click the + icon on the right-hand side of Configurations to create a new configuration. This will trigger a popup. To start, simply provide a configuration name, and then from the dropdown, a DPC (or EMM agent). Following that is DPC extras, within this field you can paste in DPC-specific key-value…