Android Enterprise zero-touch DPC extras collection

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Android Enterprise zero-touch DPC extras collection | Jason Bayton

Hi Jason,

I’m wondering if you may have some data from EMM about the improved work profile provisioning feature implementation (What's new for enterprise in Android 10  |  Android Developers) ?

I don’t see any new extra DPC option available yet from EMM’s info.


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I’ve seen absolutely nothing of it since announcement I’m afraid.

Recently with Android 10, Google started enforcing the use of WIFI during setup to mitigate Mobile data usage whilst downloading required apps. For some of us, open WIFI is not available which make mandatory WIFI not feasible. In order to bypass the mandatory WIFI, you can use the following DPC extra (below example is for Intune, this should work with others as well)

“”: “<<your_token>>”

NOTE: The comma after the command is not part of the command, but rather a formatting requirement of JSON.

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Chad that’s a fantastic comment and something I wasn’t aware of. Thank you!

I was curious if anyone is aware of a zero touch provisioning option that allows the user to receive SMS or phone calls during enrollment so they can complete MFA authentication to our IDP? iOS lets users receive phone calls in the foreground during DEP enrollment but sms and phone calls appear to be backgrounded on Android.

I’m afraid not.

ZT really stops once the DPC is pulled down and enrolment starts though, so I should think you’d be looking to discuss this with your EMM vendor.

Hi @jason,

I am not sure if I am on the right topic but I will ask a question anyway. I am new to Android and started reading Android Management API. My question is, is it possible to not use Google Play and host our own apps that we will use on our specific devices?