Android glossary

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This document offers definitions and descriptions of commonly referenced acronyms, names, features and more that appear in published Android and Android enterprise documents both here on and elsewhere. If there are definitions missing or incomplete, please feel free to suggest additions via email, twitter, a comment or the contact form. API One or more functions of an application or service that may be accessed by a 3rd party, either publicly or with authentication. As a practical example, the EMM agent on a device may request a passcode is set and/or validate it is both set and within policy requirements frequently by leaning on the relevant device API for this information. COBO Corporate Owned, Business Only. In which a device will have no capacity or capability to permit for personal usage; the Play Store will be locked down to only corporate applications, any options for sideloading APKs will be disabled and basic functions such as camera, account management and more may not be present. COBO devices can only be used in a corporate context. See work-managed. COPE Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled. A COPE device will support both work and (limited) personal usage often by separating or containerising corporate data away from the personal space, allowing for the addition of a personal account, applications and more. Often COPE devices will see limited restrictions in the personal space, whilst DLP controls heavily restrict the movement of corporate data beyond the container, or work profile. See work profiles on fully managed devices. COSU…