Android P demonstrates Google's focus on the enterprise

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Just over a week ago Google released the first Android P developer preview. It’s a good one. On the consumer side, Google introduced a nice slew of features that have been extensively covered by mainstream media, including: The mild design tweaks (it’s all very rounded now) The improvements to notifications New, long-overdue restrictions for the camera(s), microphone(s) and sensors when an app is idle Multi-camera support Display cutout (notch!) support … unsurprisingly I found myself far more interested in the changes, additions and improvements for Android enterprise that come with P. There are a lot. In fact, it’s probably safe to say this is the most enterprise-focused release of Android to date; the primary reason it’s taken over a week to publish a post about the changes in P has been due to the amount of testing I’ve been doing! Here are some highlights: 1. Improved separation of work and personal applications Today when deploying either work profile or work profile on fully managed devices into an organisation, the work and personal applications are fully mixed together within the launcher. While not overly problematic, it has been a source of feedback for Google (and myself via customer deployments) with end-users asking why their applications are duplicated. Obviously with this change the application duplication itself hasn’t been addressed (and I’m OK with that), but the stock Google launcher now features a distinct separation between work and personal apps (pictured), making it much easier to differentiate whilst significantly reducing the…