Complications with zero-touch and dual-sim devices

Hi @all,

I want to share some information about Android Enterprise zero-touch in combination with dual-SIM devices with you guys and want to know if somebody of you experienced the same behaviour.

So to get into the topic, as you guys know dual-sim devices have two IMEI numbers. When it gets to zero-touch registration, we as a reseller only register IMEI1 to the zero-touch portal. So we thought for the latest time, that the device is completly secured and will always enroll to our EMM. But we find out, that it depends on were you put the SIM in, if the registration will take place or not. So if you put the SIM in slot 2 (SIM-slot 1 is empty), the device will not get the zero-touch registration and you can go completly over this. Even if you enroll the device with wifi, it wouldn’t get the registration as long the SIM is in slot 2.

Does anybody of you guys know some details about this. We thought, that an uplaod of the primary IMEI will register the whole device, but obviously it’s not.

I’m very interested in your feedback. :wink:

BR Daniel

Hey @Daniel_Guenther

You’re right in only registering the primary IMEI, that’s how it should be - the device checks in to Google on setup checks for config against the primary IMEI on the device. Irrespective of where a SIM is installed the first slot is primary and is what’s checked.

I’d fear this is device/OEM specific, as I can’t replicate it on the couple of devices I’ve got in front of me here. This is something you may also benefit from raising in the ZT community.

Hi @jason,

thanks for your reply. We also thought that, no matter where you put the SIM in, the device should be registered anyway. That the IMEI, which is checked in to Google, depends on where you put the SIM in, doesn’t really makes sense to us too. Initially we thought there should be any kind of check at the background to bring the two IMEIs together and make sure the device is registered.

I tested again with another Nokia 3.2 - same behaviour: no registration with SIM in the secondary slot. But I also tested with a Huawei Mate 20 Pro - registration succeeded no matter in which slot the SIM is or if it’s enrolled with WiFi or without. So it seems to me this is only a topic for hmd devices (or maybe just for the Nokia 3.2).

I will create a discussion about it in the ZT community and look if something is known about it. If there are any news about it, I will let you know here.

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I’ve brought this to the attention of HMD Global (Nokia) also, and I’ll feed back any information I receive. What you’re experiencing on the 3.2 isn’t normal.

I’m in contact now with HMD Global and additionaly I’ve created a discussion about it in the ZT community: HERE