Considerations for choosing Android in the Enterprise

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(Jonathan Eastern) #2

What about general availability of security updates and length of support? Even Samsung with e-fota is reliant upon carriers certifying updates, and many aren’t doing it at all (especially outside the US). At best there are long delays, taking several months to make updates available.

There’s also the issue of length of support. The best OEMs commit to updates for 3 years from release date, limiting the usable life of the devices.

I see these as the biggest inhibitors to wider Enterprise adoption. They’re certainly the largest challenges I’m facing in my organization.

(Jason Bayton) #3

This can only be addressed at the moment by buying open network/worid-wide devices via a reseller or the carrier if they’ll support it. Depending on the size of your business, you could well have leverage. I haven’t seen first-hand how it is in the US, however in my local markets carriers tend to - unless there are issues discovered - certify an update within a few weeks. I still don’t support the carrier model and advocate avoiding it where possible, but I appreciate there are realities to consider; unfortunately carriers carry a lot of weight and OEMs want devices stocked, so they cave. Once more though carriers aren’t the only resellers available for devices and in Europe there’s a growing trend to separate the line from the hardware in order to get a more flexible approach which comes with the added benefits mentioned above.

Samsung Enterprise Edition devices provide extended hardware availability and security updates for 5 years. All AER rugged devices offer the same. That a device stops receiving sMRs at the end of 3 years however doesn’t require they’re immediately locked in a drawer never to be used again; there are instances where OEMs have pushed critical patches in the past to older devices, and depending on their usecase, devices could continue use until a suitable replacement is found. It’s on the organisation to determine the threat to the business and make a decision accordingly.

I too would like to see more widespread support for 5 years of support and I’ve written about the topic in the past, though we’re not there yet.