Considerations when deploying MTD with Android Enterprise

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Considerations when deploying MTD with Android Enterprise | Jason Bayton

Hi Jason,

thanks for the great overview of the ‘problem’ we run into when using MTD on a AE device. In the end I think that the ultimate solution would be if MTD providers would make it possible to activate their MTD client twice on a device, once in the work profile and onetime outside of the work profile. Currently when registering a device in MTD through an MDM connector there is no way to do this.


MTD vendor depending that’s not unheard of, so likely something you need to bring up with the vendor you work with directly; if you’re doing it through EMM connector it naturally can’t automatically do so outside of EMM control, however manual invitations or global activation codes would offer alternative means to manually activate.

Should an EMM build the capability to push to both work and parent profile via managed Google Play accounts then you’ll be set, but BYOD will always struggle by comparison.