Create and manage private apps for Android Enterprise

(Jason Bayton) #1

(Sriram Kakarala) #2

Hi Jason,

For Private apps, can two customers upload an apk with the same package name in their respective private app stores?
Asking, cause there are developers who give whitelabelled apps to our customers, but do not change the package names. So for example, consider a DriverRoster app made by the same developer for two customers and they have the same package name, so in this case can each of them upload to their private app store?

(Jason Bayton) #3

Hey Sriram,

It’s not possible to upload duplicate apps to the Play Store, whether you do so publicly or privately. Orgs would need to ask their devs to build an APK with a different package name. I’ve hit the same issue and always return to the dev to provide an app with a unique package name.