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Create and manage private apps for Android Enterprise | Jason Bayton

Hi Jason,

For Private apps, can two customers upload an apk with the same package name in their respective private app stores?
Asking, cause there are developers who give whitelabelled apps to our customers, but do not change the package names. So for example, consider a DriverRoster app made by the same developer for two customers and they have the same package name, so in this case can each of them upload to their private app store?

Hey Sriram,

It’s not possible to upload duplicate apps to the Play Store, whether you do so publicly or privately. Orgs would need to ask their devs to build an APK with a different package name. I’ve hit the same issue and always return to the dev to provide an app with a unique package name.

Hello Jason,
I found the info very helpful. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on something that our EMM (Mobile Iron) is not able to. We are trying to upload privately hosted apps to the companies private play store. The issue I am running into is that in the documentation I was sent they want me to download a JSON definition file from Mobile Iron and upload it to google under the app release tab. They are showing a check box for “I am uploading a configuration file from an APK hosted outside of Google Play”, but I cannot find this option anywhere. Was this removed in recent versions?

At least on mobile I see the same.

It’s not a solution, but Core 10.3 introduces Play iFrame support to do app uploads directly.

I’ll dig around to see what, if anything, has happened to that checkbox.

Hello Jason,

can you confirm, that the user doesn’t need to pay 25$ for the Google Play Developer account?
Or is this required for adding more information in the last point?


Confirmed. Unless you plan on pushing apps publicly you do not have to pay $25. Though once the app is published privately, it cannot be made public.

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What about when comes to app updates ?

App package name has to be different for pilot testing ? if uploading the same app package name but different version will push to production deployment immediately?

Yes if you upload any update to the private play iframe it’ll push it live, however you can use advanced edits to make app tracks as desired for closed/beta testing

there are error messages uploading via iframe in mdm such as “release is not compliant with the play 64-bit requirement”, “APK is marked as debuggable”, will it also be the same error messages and checks from google when i ask the developer to upload in play console and assign to our organization id??

Indeed, apps uploaded do still have to follow normal policies, including being 64bit, release-key releases (not debug), target the correct API level and more.