Deploying MobileIron 9.1+ on KVM

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Introduction Recently MobileIron announced the release of Core and Connector version and with it comes the newly-supported option for KVM deployments. This is good news for enterprises who rely on Linux (well, Ubuntu Linux officially but all the same) as it’s now possible to install both the Core and Enterprise connector without the need for VMWare, Hyper-V or physical hardware. MobileIron Sentry support To date there has been no update for the MobileIron Sentry. Due to this, the following guide will not be relevant and any installations will not be supported by MobileIron Prerequisites Before continuing, please ensure you meet the following prerequisites: MobileIron Core version: Connector version: Linux host Flavour: Ubuntu Server Server version: 14.04 or above QEMU version: 2.0.0 or above This guide assumes a fresh copy of Ubuntu server 14.04.4 or newer has been installed, but not yet modified. Copies of Ubuntu server can be obtained on the Ubuntu website. The server should be accessible either directly or via SSH. It also goes without saying the MobileIron ISO has been downloaded and is readily available for installation. To get a copy of the MobileIron software please speak to your MobileIron account manager. Recommended installation MobileIron recommend using Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) version 0.9.5 or above and installation via GUI. However, this guide will also include steps for installation via commandline and remote Virtual Machine Viewer (virt-viewer) on Windows (referred to as “Remote Viewer”). Installation Ubuntu server QEMU packages From the command line, install QEMU…