Feature spotlight: Factory Reset Protection

(Jason Bayton) #1

(Sam Harris) #2

Hey, I’ve tested this out on the latest versions of AirWatch/Workspace ONE UEM and it worked quite well. It actually prompts to clear the lock when you are remotely wiping the end device. So naturally this would be used along side the allowing of personal Google accounts on a work managed device.
I feel this is potentially a good alternative for COPE enrolment in the VMware side of things.

(Jason Bayton) #3

Allowing personal accounts on a work-managed device without leveraging a separate work profile (COPE) will put you in a situation where data-leakage is highly likely. With additional Google accounts added, users can download any apps they see fit via Play which will sit alongside corporate apps, a practice which is absolutely not recommended as there’s not a considerable amount you can do to mitigate data being shared between apps within a user profile on the device.