Goodbye Alexa, Hey Google: Hands on with the Google Home

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After months of waiting, Google Home finally launched in the UK at the beginning of April. Amazon’s Echo has sat firmly unchallenged in the personal assistant market over here for what feels like forever whilst Google dragged their feet, but at long last there’s a viable alternative for those who feel the Echo isn’t quite up to the job. When the Echo launched, I ordered one immediately; I had high hopes it’d easily match Google Now’s capabilities on my phone and add just that little extra to my day. Unfortunately at the time (a few months back as of writing) I found while the Echo was quite good at some things, like music, most general knowledge questions, voice recognition and so on, others, like asking about the traffic between my location and work, or the distance and time from point A to B as a car would drive, rather than a crow would fly, etc, left me with the less than satisfying answers. It also wasn’t able to buy items from Amazon at the time, one of the things I was looking forward to trying! With the launch of Google Home in the US and news it’d be making its way over the pond soon, I made the choice to pack up the Echo and ship it back to Amazon. I was definitely not expecting to wait so long, however when I did get an email notification to state it was in stock on the Google Store, I bought it immediately and haven’t…