Hands on with the Nokia 3

(Jason Bayton) #1

Originally published at: https://bayton.org/2017/07/hands-on-with-the-nokia-3/

It finally happened. After years of watching Nokia ship device after device running Windows Phone, gradually fading into the great technological abyss following Microsoft’s bargain £4.6 billion purchase, Nokia devices are back in the form of HMD Global, a Finnish startup comprising of ex-Nokians licensed to develop a new range of mobile devices. Not just any devices though. Android devices. As far back as 2012 I was musing the thought of a Nokia based on Android, and as the years went on – the hardware always far outshining the Windows OS it ran – the desire never left. While today’s Nokia isn’t the Nokia it once was, I still lived in hope when I heard they were returning to the market the core characteristics of the Nokia of old would be carried over – good looks, excellent hardware and a premium feel. These aren’t the first Nokia-branded Android devices ever of course, that title belongs to the N1 – a Nokia tablet that never made it to the UK. They are however the first phones, due to since-expired Microsoft licensing agreements, to get the green-light. Of the three announced, the Nokia 3 is the first to hit the shelves here with the 5, 6 (and probably 8, 9 eventually) to launch next month. With all of that build-up it’s no surprise I grabbed the phone on launch day, but how has it fared against my very high expectations? Hardware Inkeeping with the materials synonymous with Nokia’s Lumia line, the Nokia 3 is…