Live: Android Enterprise Partner Summit 2018

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Time for a break!

Just in time… RIP my thumbs.

(Almar Diehl) #42

Thanks a lot so far Jason! Enjoy your break!

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And we’re back! I’m now on the tech track (those reading on the GTM, feel free to upload a few photos and make comments)

Mike & Glen are up!

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Managed Google Play accounts. Super easy account provisioning and takes a whole heap of work out of the legacy G Suite enrolment (which, for G Suite customers is still the viable option).

Talking of device considerations…

If it’s 6.0(.1) and above, and GMS ceritied it should be good to go.

I’d recommend not dropping below 7.x however.

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Considerations continued.

I was not aware there were any real issues outside of China!

The China story is being worked on, no updates today.

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This is a really nice PoC plan boilerplate.

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Device admin best practices? Stop deploying it.

Thank you

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Gmail accounts and FRP.

Worse case option, have users remove the account in front of you [responsible person at the organisation]. Doesn’t need to be IT.

Do not ever use one Gmail account to manage many devices.

Best would be to use managed Play Accounts anyway.

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James Nugent is onstage now, going to lay some zero-touch on the audience. Again I’ve covered ZT here -

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In the meantime, check out this multi-device display

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Well this is new to me! Similar to DEP ZT will offer integration from the EMM. No more dual consoles!

You can list devices, set configs and more as soon as an EMM integrates!

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Ooh the dreaded “Samsung + zero-touch” question! :grin:

Still nothing to share, but they confirm discussions with Samsung are ongoing to integrate the two portals.

Don’t hold your breath.

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First zero-touch tablet to come “in a matter of weeks”!

(Jason Bayton) #54

One more tidbit that’s good to point out -

Devices purchased today can be retrospectively added to zero-touch by the zt reseller.

Arguably any reseller could do this if ownership is validated, but I wouldn’t count on resellers agreeing to this generally.

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Imran is up next, let’s talk about device admin deprecation…

(Jason Bayton) #56

To summarise -

  • DA was never supposed to be used in the way it is today.
  • AE is more secure, flexible and robust.
  • There’s no way to ensure there’s only one device admin, unlike WM
  • Each OEM added their own APIs atop DA, making EMM integration difficult (shout out to SOTI for sticking with it)
  • Gmail account requirement
  • More battery intensive for management… so on

I’ve written far more about DA deprecation here -

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(Jason Bayton) #58

There’s a lot of focus on the talks about informing customers about DA/AE - particularly for SI’s

Promote AE first in the EMM (defaults to DA will only result in more DA!)

BYOD should be switched over to work profile today. There’s little reason not to since DA to WP is relatively non-disruptive. WM is more challenging.

You know, I’ve talked about this before, too -

(Jason Bayton) #59

A very much expected question - “so if we don’t upgrade we won’t have any DA deprecation problems?”

Look at the bigger picture. 2020 onwards you’re not going to have a choice with new devices. Putting AE first now will save a LOT of effort and time later.

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Interested in the GTM track? Check out updates from Colm: