Live: Android Enterprise Partner Summit 2018

(Jason Bayton) #61

Took a break, coming back in on OEMconfig.

Pretty cool, Google take the effort out of supporting additional device APIs with a universal-style OEMconfig app!

This is going to make adding and managing additional device managemeny APIs over the base AE APIs crazy simple!

  • Import the OEMconfig app(s) (one per OEM)
  • This will generate a managed Play API config the same as Gmail would allow you to set an server URL for mail
  • Tick the boxes for the bespoke APIs you want to enable
  • Boom! Done.

No more EMM API integration per OEM, as soon as the OEM publishes the app the admins can configure it! Same with new features, just an app updated with a new schema will push a new option in managed app config for the app and can be applied immediately.

This will save so much time.

Zebra example:

(Jason Bayton) #62

Talking about the Android management API now and why it is, quote:

(Jason Bayton) #63
  • The AMAPI will be fully EMM Android Enterprise Recommended.
  • Zero day support for new management APIs as soon as an Android update drops.
  • Fully integrated with the OS, limited end-user visibility, settings integration

I’m mostly just impressed by how excited this guy is.

(Jason Bayton) #64

It is looking legitimately so much easier to build a management experience

(Jason Bayton) #65

Touched on ephemeral users in P while doing the AMAPI demo. SO slick!

(Jason Bayton) #66

Integrating zero-touch.

We’ll be able to see both provisioned and unprovisioned devices. Push configs and more. They’re doing the EMM integration I mentioned above!

Also they’re bringing work profiles on fully managed devices to the API. Yasssss.

(Jason Bayton) #67

More demos. This session is my favourite.

The AMAPI being baked into settings is super slick. Open the menu item and see when the device last checked in.

This is what all Android management should look like.

(Jason Bayton) #68

Will the EMM management libraries be deprecated?


To expand on their answer - Google last I checked were even requesting existing EMMs don’t switch to the AMAPI. There’s still more customisation to be had by rolling your own DPC. Super fast to get off the ground for new solutions though.

(Jason Bayton) #69

That’s all for day one! Got caught up in some conversations and forgot to close out. Until tomorrow! :slight_smile:

(Jason Bayton) #70

To very briefly touch on some Android P, I/O 2018 updates, I present to you:

  1. New navigation:
  1. Adaptive battery:
  1. Digital wellbeing:
  1. App slices:

Some seriously good stuff coming out!

(Jason Bayton) #71

And we’re back for day 2!

Good luck finding a seat…

(Jason Bayton) #72

David’s back on!

People from 31 countries here… looks like it :slight_smile:

(Jason Bayton) #73

Talking a bit of IO, picking up on my above post last night.

(Jason Bayton) #74

#teamCWSI are in the house today. Keep an eye on Colm’s Twitter later too for more GTM goodness!

(Jason Bayton) #75

We’re taking an early break a moment due to a hotel power issue. My 4G isn’t strong enough to get pics uploaded so will be back in a moment!

(Jason Bayton) #76

We’re back.

The work profile badge is changing colour and I’m a little sad to see the gaudy orange disappearing (but actually it can be OEM customised anyway)

(Jason Bayton) #77

Recapping P features.
I’ve covered them here -

App switching between profiles isn’t in the beta but is coming later this year.

Seamless QR provisioning, locktask mode, etc already covered.

(Jason Bayton) #78

To recap this session, here’s what’s being covered

(Jason Bayton) #79

(Jason Bayton) #80

Oh this is new though! Great “kiosk” (locktask) features coming in P. EMMs won’t need to build their own kiosk in future.