Live: Android Enterprise Partner Summit 2018

(Jason Bayton) #81

Here’s some clarification on DPC migration!

Switching between EMMs or DPCs without losing management. This is powerful.


(Jason Bayton) #82

ADB can’t access work profile data in P, and a global intent block.

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(Jason Bayton) #84

Yesss this is the first time a beta is available on non-Google devices.

(Jason Bayton) #85

Matt’s onstage now and we’re going to talk about the “next generation of management”

2 principles:

  • Minimise integration cost for EMMs
  • Minimise number of consoles for admins

We saw a taste of this with ZT EMM and AMAPI integration yesterday.

(Jason Bayton) #86

Talking up to AMAPI again - I wonder what this will mean for existing EMMs? Talking to a few yesterday, they’re all looking to find out how to possibly integrate at least to some degree.

(Jason Bayton) #87

Demo time - AMAPI ZT enrolment was SLICK. A video of that will come later (unless I get hands-on later)

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(Jason Bayton) #89

For EMMs not using the iFrame for managed Play apps, this may be the time to reconsider.

(Jason Bayton) #90

Big updates to the iFrame! WebApps too! (Pic quality suffered here sorry)

(Jason Bayton) #91

On-device machine learning next.

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(Jason Bayton) #93

Google translate is a great example of what they’re doing with this today.

Adaptive battery is a new one coming :slight_smile:

Very cool.

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(Jason Bayton) #95

Far more about ML can be found with MLKit and IO announcements…

(Jason Bayton) #96

Random observation: taking photos with tablets is popular.

Courageous, folks.

(Jason Bayton) #97

James is back on!

What’s new in P

(Jason Bayton) #98

Talking about the app separation in P.
Brings up the common “why are there duplicate apps in the app drawer”


Interestingly, the orange work badge failed usability tests due to the high contrast. Blue is also more in line with AOSP.

(Jason Bayton) #99

There’s a lot of duplication to the earlier keynote so not a lot to comment on here.

(Jason Bayton) #100

Shared devices is going to be very useful though. Persistent users with login/logout is awesome. Ephemeral users clearly a big deal too