Live: Android Enterprise Partner Summit 2018

(Jason Bayton) #101

Have you seen the “switch to work” (or switch to personal the other way around) option when sharing something on a work profile device? P will add the ability to disable that. Mentioned above but James added some useful context there.

(Jason Bayton) #102

Just about to get stuck into DPC migration deep dive and… hotel lost power.

Will pick up in a bit.

(Jason Bayton) #103

We’re back!

(Jason Bayton) #104

These are all excellent usecases, making migration between EMMs easy is a massive time saver for orgs.

And topical with the push for AMAPI - there’s a migration path there too!

(Jason Bayton) #105

I might’ve missed it, but it does seem like both DPCs will need to offer some support. I wonder if this could therefore be blocked…

Green, old DPC
Light blue, Android
Dark blue, new DPC

(Jason Bayton) #106

Grabbed a video of the demo migration I’ll edit and upload later. It’s super slick though!

(Jason Bayton) #107

Andy is on stage next. Going into detail for dedicated devices!

(Jason Bayton) #108

(Jason Bayton) #109

This slide is a great reference for the QR provisioning in P.

Someone asked about supporting certificates in the QR flow. This isn’t supported for security reasons, ideally need the user to be provisioned before storing certs in the device keystore.

(Jason Bayton) #110

APNs - they call the APIs “override APNs” to make it absolutely clear that’s what happens. APNs typically set by the carrier are being overridden and this can help troubleshooting.

This feature is very much accepting feedback from the public.

(Jason Bayton) #111

(Jason Bayton) #112

(Jason Bayton) #113

This is one of the biggest changes to Android in recent memory. Definitely worth giving it a test!

(Jason Bayton) #114

Back after lunch! Ken and Eugene talk about AER.

(Jason Bayton) #115

Making file based encryption mandatory will be great to see in P.
Introducing AER for rugged and tablets (covered this earlier)
Android academy coming for partners.

Some interesting, and different, requirements coming for rugged devices. More will be announced publicly later.

(Jason Bayton) #116

Here are the key initiatives for this year

Now covering, or recapping, DA deprecation, zero-touch and “Android enterprise first”. All covered off above but as I mentioned, clearly very much popular topics this year :slight_smile:

(Jason Bayton) #117

Exploring the device demo area!

Android enterprise recommended:

(Jason Bayton) #118

I’m totally ok with this new nav layout. Will take some getting used to though and I’m not keen on how quickly/accurately I had to gesture at the moment… would get used to it though.

When too many apps are open you sort of just hold the home button one side or the other. If that’s too awkward a quick swipe up reveals it all normally and you can swipe left and right as is currently the case.


(Jason Bayton) #119

Checking out the final session of the day!

(Jason Bayton) #120

Google to OEMs: “how can we make your lives better?”
Later: Project Treble is announced :grin:

Enabling OEMs to push security updates and OS updates quicker definitely works towards improving the ecosystem as a whole.