Live: Android Enterprise Partner Summit 2018

(Jason Bayton) #121

Google to partners: “When you’re successful, we’re successful. Let us know what we can do to help”.

Speaking from experience, Google are always happy to help whenever I’ve been in touch!

(Jason Bayton) #122

For government - Android is undergoing PCI compliance certification, even if some OEMs do this, getting this certified at the source would be very cool.

(Jason Bayton) #123

Someone asked about the 30 names for every deployment type!
They’re working on unifying internally to better that communication.

Dear Google:

  • Work profile (BYOD)
  • Work-managed (COBO)
  • Managed work profile (COPE)
  • Single use (COSU)

Simple! :wink:

(Jason Bayton) #124

AE growth competitive across all regions (no clear winners)
They do best in diverse hardware markets (customers needing handsets, rugged, COSU, etc).

(Jason Bayton) #125

Key takeaways:

  • Be prepared for DA
  • Application API level targeting for apps
  • The Android Management API is going to be important going forward (but existing DPC admin isn’t going away)
  • There are more deployment scenarios being considered in future for lower-friction deployments!

(Jason Bayton) #126

Thank you very much for a fantastic event, folks!

Android is ready for the enterprise and they’re just getting started :slight_smile:

For those who’ve followed this to the very end, thank you for tuning in!

Did you find this valuable? Should I do these more often?
Your feedback would be excellent!

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Emiliano, Sony | Mikhail, SOTI

Markus, MobileIron

Vincent & Paul, Google

Bhavesh, VMware AirWatch

Martijn & Arjan, Vodafone Ziggo