Live: Huawei Mate series launch

(Jason Bayton) #1

(Jason Bayton) #2

This has to be the longest entrance queue I’ve stood in for some time

(Jason Bayton) #3

Made it past reg, and into the event!

(Jason Bayton) #4

Starting with a bit of music…

(Jason Bayton) #5

Utterly packed here

(Jason Bayton) #6

And we start!

Richard is onstage

(Jason Bayton) #7

No messing, straight in

(Jason Bayton) #8

(Jason Bayton) #9

Once more the WiFi is too poor to get all these photos up.

So far

  • Interesting camera designs (inspired by Porsche?!)
  • IP rated
  • Wireless charging… with reverse wireless charging for topping up other devices (crowd applause)
  • 6 colours available including twilight
  • In-screen fingerprint reader
  • Tear-drop notch on the Mate 20, not so much on the pro.
  • 4300mAh battery in the Pro :heart_eyes:
  • 6.39" 2k+ display in the Pro, 6.53" FHD+ in the Mate 20
  • 24mp front selfie camera in the pro
  • A bunch of hardware in the notch for super quick face unlock

(Jason Bayton) #10

(Jason Bayton) #11

(Jason Bayton) #12

3D scan with skeletal reconstruction is insane. Watching this teddy bear run around on stage was too much.

(Jason Bayton) #13

Android P!

Not sure about their gesture implementation just yet though

(Jason Bayton) #14

(Jason Bayton) #15

Calorie calculator :joy:

(Jason Bayton) #16

Miracast for PC mode!

(Jason Bayton) #17

Leaving the cables behind theme continues. 1000 photos transferrable in 2 mins (where PC supports it…)

(Jason Bayton) #18

Bob is biggin’ up Pie

(Jason Bayton) #19

World first depth aware face unlock in an Android device. Face unlock can be used anywhere fingerprint Auth is used today (app purchases, so on)

(Jason Bayton) #20

We have 2019 signature devices