Live: Huawei Mate series launch

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Of course they’re AER :sunglasses:

There’s a statistics-based growing perception that AER devices are more secure than iOS?!

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In summary… (struggling to focus)

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Well of course there’s a Porsche design… Mate 20 RS

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Huawei are properly pushing the boat out this year, particularly with the Pro.

Reverse wireless charging and in-display fingerprint caught my attention, but I’m sure the camera setup will deliver awesome results, the AI tools offered some cool tricks both on photos and videos, and if the performance is near what they’re suggesting it’ll blow the competition out of the water

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WHAT :heart_eyes:

Mate 20 X

I need one of these running Android One.
Comparing it with the Nintendo switch :joy: “the best mobile gaming machine”

Comes in blue and silver

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Every time I think he’s finished…

Hopefully again it lives up. My current Huawei watch is dog slow.

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This could well offer feasible sleep monitoring, given normally watches need to be charged too often (typically overnight). 2 weeks of life could help to get a good metric without planning charges around it.

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Off to demo!

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Look who I found!

Martin @ Google

Markus @ MobileIron

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What a lovely surprise! :star_struck:

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I also got a bit of hands on with the X:

And after a bit of party:

It’s time to head home with my phone expertly disguised:

Thanks for the invite Huawei!