Live: MobileIron LIVE! 2018

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Apologies for the quality of photos, while the Nokia 7 Plus is normally pretty good, with the P beta I guess it hasn’t quite been refined just yet…

Main highlights:

  • Big push on Mac management and a general shift towards UEM
  • Given the big presence of Google, I’d say they’re taking Android enterprise very seriously too!
  • Access, Authenticator and identity management
  • MTD and their previously announced partnership with Zimperium was mentioned a lot
  • Orbitera actually looks pretty awesome. Will really help with ecosystem integration (but cloud only…)

Read on for post-by-post updates!

Made it!

First stop - Android ( :slight_smile: )

“There are 400 devices capable of running Android enterprise in the market today, 68% of business shipments will support it”

Talking about the benefits of corp-liable (work-related managed) deployment scenarios.

Loads of that covered in my existing documentation -

I think the main focus of the Android enterprise piece offered by MobileIron is the managed work profiles. No other EMM on the market supports that today which gives MI a good advantage.

Managed work profiles has been covered off here:

Can’t fault a zero-touch demo though :sunglasses:

The lighting in this event is abysmal. Not sure how useful these photos will be later…

Visiting the identity management booth!
Talking about SAML with & without MI access

Access sits between the IDP and SP as a means of ensuring only managed devices gain access to the service.

Without access SAML can of course be used, but you lose the checks to determine if the device in question is authorised to log in.

Windows hello for business integration!

Passwordless authentication using certificates. Supports cloud, on-prem and hybrid deployments

It uses 2fa to permit authentication


  • PIN
  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Trusted signal

Back from lunch, tuning into the keynote now. A brief history of Android enterprise :sunglasses:

“From later this year every app submitted to Play must use runtime permissions”

Here’s a good opportunity to read up on the Android enterprise Summit live-blog as there’s a lot of crossover here …

Oh! Pre Oreo devices will be getting per-source confirmation when trying to install apps from unknown sources. This will be pushed in a Play Services update.


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Walter Ji of Huawei coming onstage to talk about device innovation

Cheeky mention of zero-touch there. Hopefully the new devices support it properly…

Mr. Sonkin comes to the stage! Hello, HMD.

70 million devices sold in the first year. 600 employees globally. Blimey.

“30 day secure patching and we haven’t missed a single one”