Live: MobileIron LIVE! 2018

Just in case you were wondering, their lineup:

ALL of these support zero-touch.

Some of these aren’t AndroidOne. When the next hardware revisions launch they will also be AO.

This has turned into a Nokia advertisement!

Talking Mac management

  • Mac’s are becoming the approved choice for device lists.
  • Mac TCO is lower than traditional PC
  • Mac management is a requirement for organisations today, particularly for GDPR

End to end Mac management, including DEP!

Seems to be a big push on Mac management this year.

Lots of talk about script management too with details in the Mac corner on MI community.

And now moving on to DEP and zero-touch

I’m guessing most will know about DEP/VPP and ZT by now, but if not, here’s a refresher:

I’m looking forward to Apple business manager support. It will be very much welcomed I think. It’s taken far too long for Apple to merge these two portals.

After checking out a few more sessions, that’s a wrap for today!

Hey Jason,

Is there a link from android developers ? Can you explain it a little bit more please ?

Good morning day 2!

No links at present, but it’s essentially replicating what we see in Oreo today - if you try to install an APK from Chrome you get a prompt to trust the source on an individual basis… I don’t know how it’ll work with the wider rollout but details will follow #soon :slight_smile:

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15 mins before we kick off!

John Morgan takes the stage!

Discussing the shift from MDM to EMM to UEM

Key value propositions

  • Protect data at the endpoint
  • Control where data is going
  • Focus on enabling productivity

Key usecases

Very cool to hear they’re excited about Android P. Looks like we might be seeing a bit of focus on COSU :slight_smile:

Strong growth in Android

Growth in Mac too!