Live: MobileIron LIVE! 2018

(Jason Bayton) #22

Just in case you were wondering, their lineup:

ALL of these support zero-touch.

Some of these aren’t AndroidOne. When the next hardware revisions launch they will also be AO.

(Jason Bayton) #23

This has turned into a Nokia advertisement!

(Jason Bayton) #24

Talking Mac management

  • Mac’s are becoming the approved choice for device lists.
  • Mac TCO is lower than traditional PC
  • Mac management is a requirement for organisations today, particularly for GDPR

(Jason Bayton) #25

End to end Mac management, including DEP!

(Jason Bayton) #26

Seems to be a big push on Mac management this year.

Lots of talk about script management too with details in the Mac corner on MI community.

(Jason Bayton) #27

And now moving on to DEP and zero-touch

I’m guessing most will know about DEP/VPP and ZT by now, but if not, here’s a refresher:

(Jason Bayton) #28

(Jason Bayton) #29

I’m looking forward to Apple business manager support. It will be very much welcomed I think. It’s taken far too long for Apple to merge these two portals.

(Jason Bayton) #30

After checking out a few more sessions, that’s a wrap for today!

(Crouzet Maxime) #31

Hey Jason,

Is there a link from android developers ? Can you explain it a little bit more please ?

(Jason Bayton) #32

Good morning day 2!

(Jason Bayton) #33

No links at present, but it’s essentially replicating what we see in Oreo today - if you try to install an APK from Chrome you get a prompt to trust the source on an individual basis… I don’t know how it’ll work with the wider rollout but details will follow #soon :slight_smile:

(Jason Bayton) #34

15 mins before we kick off!

(Jason Bayton) #35

John Morgan takes the stage!

(Jason Bayton) #36

Discussing the shift from MDM to EMM to UEM

(Jason Bayton) #37

Key value propositions

  • Protect data at the endpoint
  • Control where data is going
  • Focus on enabling productivity

(Jason Bayton) #38

Key usecases

(Jason Bayton) #39

Very cool to hear they’re excited about Android P. Looks like we might be seeing a bit of focus on COSU :slight_smile:

(Jason Bayton) #40

Strong growth in Android

(Jason Bayton) #41

Growth in Mac too!