Live: MobileIron LIVE! 2018

(Jason Bayton) #42

Managing Windows 10

Since SCCM is still a fundamental IT tool there’s more work to be done to get orgs migrating to modern management.

(Jason Bayton) #43

Modern work brings with it high velocity productivity.

Orgs not embracing this way of working aren’t competitive. Much greater attack surface comes with it though.

(Jason Bayton) #44

Mobile threats are everywhere.

(Jason Bayton) #45

Upselling MobileIron Threat Defense

  • Integrated into the agent
  • Instant activation and visibility
  • On-device mitigation

(Jason Bayton) #46

And pivoting over to Access

(Jason Bayton) #47

Talking about the issues with passwords, why they’re not secure… access works towards that, and with it they (re?)introduce authenticator

(Jason Bayton) #48

To be fair, authenticator is super slick

“If you’re coming from a managed device, should the user be asked for a password? No!”

(Jason Bayton) #49

A nice overview of the tools available/integrated with MI for delivering a great app experience:

(Jason Bayton) #50

Access and office365

With MTD

And summarising the MI suite of services

(Jason Bayton) #51

Intro over … heading up to the whisper suite shortly to get some insight on the Google Cloud/MobileIron piece.

(Jason Bayton) #53

Orbitera, something I really didn’t understand the usecase for until today, actually looks pretty powerful.

Imagine you want Box for your org. Buy it through orbitera and it’ll hook into MobileIron for SSO authentication and license management, push out the box app to users and allow them to log in using their existing accounts. All automatically.

MobileIron will create the accounts dynamically as licenses are assigned to users and there is no need to manage the solution via the box admin console.

Pretty slick!

(Jason Bayton) #54

Checking out the HMD session

(Jason Bayton) #55

“We don’t separate our devices into enterprise and non-enterprise” - all devices are treated equally and given the fastest updates possible.

(Jason Bayton) #56

I wish more EMMs were as transparent with patches. Very easy to verify if the device has a patch pending for it… as well as validating devices are patched regularly.

(Jason Bayton) #57

Now Andrej is talking about Android enterprise deployment scenarios. You can read more about that here:

(Jason Bayton) #58

Of course Android Enterprise Recommended is being talked about… :sunglasses:

(Jason Bayton) #59

HMD support 2 letter upgrades

We’ll be seeing Q on the 2018 lineup based on that statement!

That’s pretty impressive

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Because Nokia devices are so bloat-free, consistent and always up to date, they believe the support overhead in enterprise is lower than other OEMs.

I’d agree!