My top Android apps 2016

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With minutes before 2016 officially comes to an end, I’d like to continue my yearly tradition of listing my top Android apps over this and previous years. This year my aim is to offer a fresh list of applications not previously featured, mostly as I’m still very much using those highlighted in 2015! Without further ado and in no particular order… HoloIRC I recent addition towards the end of this year. As I’ve become more heavily interested in open source software and with the myriad of projects that I have to started to rely upon, a common theme is the use of IRC for communication. HoloIRC is one of the better options on the Play Store, and though it’s named after the Holo design guidelines of old, it has been updated to reflect the newer Material Design guidelines we’ve come to associate with Android and Google in general. The client supports a multitude of typical IRC options including adding/editing/removing servers and channels, editing nicknames, setting disconnect/quit messages and more. It’s a genuinely nice client to use from both phone and tablet. The app is open source on GitHub and is available for free on the Play Store. Nextcloud In 2017 I’ll be continuing my slow-but-steady march towards moving my data out of the cloud and back to my own systems. Nextcloud, as I’ve talked about here, here and here, is my home cloud platform of choice. Naturally I quite like to be able to access this data when out and about;…