Part 1 - Project Obsidian: Objectives & parts list

(Jason Bayton) #1

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Just tuning in? This is a multi-part build log for Project Obsidian: a low power Ubuntu 16.04 LTS NAS & container server. You’re currently viewing part 1. Head over to the introduction for context and contents. Objectives Data Today my data sits across multiple services; the vast majority of it sits disorganised on my 2015 build, desperately requiring some TLC as I know I have backups of backups taking up large quantities of disk space unnecessarily. Plenty of it though sits fragmented across Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive, this data isn’t backed up and needs to be relatively quickly. I have more than enough space already to bring everything in and dump it on my RAID, but I’m reluctant to increase disk usage on the 2015 build as it then becomes difficult to shuffle it around when the much-needed RAID rebuild has to take place. Power The 2015 build idles between 90-110w and can ramp up pretty quickly when under load. As it’s primarily used as a VMware Workstation server for both personal and work projects, it doesn’t sit idle very often. The hexcore works great for what I have it doing, but it’s more powerful than it needs to be once I optimise the system; VMware for example powers several 16.04 LXD hosts as the underlying OS is still running Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS. The new build will incorporate LXD directly and therefore reduce the amount of virtualised hardware the OS needs to run. With virtualisation reduced, so too is the CPU power…