Part 3 – Project Obsidian: A change, data migration day 1 and build day 2

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Just tuning in? This is a multi-part build log for Project Obsidian: a low power Ubuntu 16.04 LTS NAS & container server. You’re currently viewing part 3. Head over to the introduction for context and contents. A change Despite some effort on my part it hasn’t been possible to obtain the 6/8TB disks I’m aiming for just yet. I would have continued (and still will) to work on that, however noticed my 16TB MDADM RAID array was flaking out on me a little over the last few days, going even as far as no longer showing up in the system until it was rebooted. (There’s nothing wrong with the disks, it’s the server). So in an effort to avoid any potential data loss I’m going to make do with what I have now; moving 7 4TB disks from my current AMD FX-6300 storage server into the Obsidian build and a whole lot of extra data migration as a result. I’m still aiming for the larger capacity disks, and having now decided on ZFS for my system, swapping out the 4TB’s for larger will be a piece of cake. Data migration Luckily, I caught the tail-end of this HotUKDeals find and was able to fetch two MyCloud 4TB external drives for £82! With the extra disk I was able to set up a temporary MDADM RAID5 with one extra 4TB I had lying around and proceeded to rsync all data from the 16TB RAID6 to the 8TB RAID5. A nice, simple command on linux systems to guarantee…