(q) a bit of clarification pls :)

By visiting this page one gets a list of 7521 devices in total. Then on top left ,if the AER devices box is ticked ,the number drops to 106.

So i was just wondering which number corresponds to the AER certified ones ?And if for e.x. it’s the 106 list ,then what does the 7521 list represents ?

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Hi there,

The solutions directory covers all enterprise compatible devices, those that offer zero-touch for example, as well as other attributes.

These 7000+ aren’t recommended though, so their specs don’t meet the requirements, or they don’t support a recommended component.

For enterprise device selection you can comfortably ignore the 7k and just focus on the 100 recommended.

Hi there and tnx for the prompt reply .

So since these devices are enterprise compatible, they are at least meant to receive their google update patches at their specified recommended periods, correct?

No, only AER mandates 3 years within 90 days.
The exception is Android One which mandates every 30 days for 3 years.

Well sorry but, i still don’t quite get one thing…
If these 7500+ devices don’t meet the minimum specifications for devices to be classified or budged as “Enterprise Recommended” just as shown here, then why are they still listed as “enterprise” solutions ?
They don’t still consist of what is regarded as an “enterprise recommendation” so how can they be regarded as an “enterprise solution”?
Shouldn’t they just have been completely wiped off the list?

A device doesn’t have to be AER to be used in Enterprise. AER didn’t exist two years ago after all. So this is a mix of devices that have been there a long time, plus those that can’t get AER because they run with 16 instead of 32GB storage, or other aspects.

AER is specific, and though I wouldn’t now recommend devices not on the AER list, others can be used in enterprise for various usecases, and the filters help you narrow that selection down to AER and non.