Using RWG Mobile for simple, cross-device centralised voicemail

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RWG Mobile (Red White & Green Ltd) is a brand new MVNO running on the Three network. They launched a few days ago at the Royal Welsh Show and while in principle they’re much like other MVNOs, there are a couple of distinct differences… Firstly they’re a Welsh Telco based in Wales, run by Welsh people for Welsh people with support offered in both Welsh and English for speakers of either. In fact, with a support landline prefix of 01633 they’re just down the road from me! As a Welsh tech blogger with a career in Enterprise Mobility, seeing a company that closely matches my interests open in my country (nevermind my City) is great; Wales has a thriving technology sector in general, but I’ll always pay special attention to this field in particular. Secondly, they’re putting a large focus on virtual numbers in what they call “profiles”. Virtual numbers aren’t new by any means, but they’re most commonly associated with business accounts needing to route several numbers to one SIM and certainly not treated like a commodity that any average user can buy and cancel at will, as is the case with RWG. The advertised benefit here is being able to hide your “main” number and instead use virtual numbers for different things; friends, colleagues, dating/job sites, so on. The first virtual number is free (for as long as it’s used) and up to 3 more can be purchased for £0.99 a month, £2.49 for 3 months or £6.99 for a…