What is Android Enterprise?

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What is Android Enterprise? | Jason Bayton

Hi Jason,Thanks for your excellent demonstration in this artical.Android Enterprise seems the new light for the MDM on Android,as a new OEM mannufacturer,how to persuade legacy users shift from OEM API like Knox to Google Android Enterprise,do you have any plan for that?I think many new entraner to MDM on Android would be intresting.

Hi @Chine_Gary

As a new OEM I should imagine your primary focus would be appealing to customers on DA enrolled devices who would otherwise just migrate to AE with their current stock (where viable).

In that case I’d recommend you align closely with Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended requirements, even if you can’t apply for it at the moment:

If I’m recommending devices, it’ll be from that list or equivalent capabilities (90 day patching, zero-touch support).

As for migration material, as well as this doc, try the following:

And this article:

Hope that helps!

hi @jason,
Thank you for all the wonderful articles.
We are an OEM, with an email app which already works with DA to enforce policies for EAS accounts.
I have been reading your articles, but I am not still sure how we can migrate the current DA enforcement of policies to Android Enterprise.
Work profile seems to limit most of the current policies which we used to manage through DA with OEM api like
Allow Browser
Unapproved InROM application list
Allow unsigned applications etc etc
What should be the ideal migration way forward in this case?

Very nice article. I have some comments:

This is the best intro that I’ve been able to find. Most seem to be written for people who already understand the concepts.

Hi @andyvan

Thanks for your comments. I’ve updated the link (I only monitor broken, so this didn’t flag) and adjusted the wording. That’s rewording a previous sentence in a prior edit gone wrong :slight_smile:


I’m British, therefore I spell it as such. You’ll also notice with words that Americans fill with the letter Z I use S.