What is iOS Supervision and why is it used?

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Looking for Android enterprise? This topic discusses iOS Supervision. If you’re also looking for Android enterprise (Android for Work) please click here. Introduction As someone who deals with mobile devices in the enterprise on a daily basis, I often encounter customers looking to purchase iPhones/iPads for their employees. Most of the time customers will have, or are looking to have an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) – or MDM (Mobile Device Management) – platform such as MobileIron, AirWatch, Soti, etc. to manage these devices, and that’s great. The thing is, iOS devices are by default targeted more towards consumers, than enterprise. This means out of the box there are things we admins can’t remove or disable, such as: iMessage Activation lock (“find my iPhone”) Factory reset Airdrop/Airplay iBooks For anyone who’s been on the receiving end of an activation-locked iOS device, I don’t have to say how difficult it is to convince Apple to unlock it. For those unfamiliar, the last time I had to do so it involved rifling through 2 years of paperwork for a receipt showing the company I called on behalf of truly owned the device in question; it took days of effort, scans of documents showing the company as legitimate and many hours on the phone to Apple through multiple escalations – all because a device was wiped without the end user removing their iTunes account before leaving. A lot of businesses won’t go through this process and render the device a brick, writing off hundreds of…

Can we pair iOS or tvOS with a mac and then supervise them over the air? I saw this article and it made me wonder Use Apple Configurator to connect to an Apple TV over a network - Apple Support

It would certainly look like it, though not something I’ve looked into. I’d recommend you join the MobilePros community as there are a number of experts who could answer this and related questions -