What is OEMConfig?

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What is OEMConfig? | Jason Bayton

Personally I think this is just another clusterfuck on Google’s part. It already takes Samsung over a year deliver an OS update once Google releases it, I can’t even imagine how long it will take them to develop to release this. Google still has a massive fragmentation problem with OS adoption and this surely isn’t going to help them with marketshare in the enterprise market.

What takes Samsung a year takes other OEMs a few months. I’ll wager the likes of Sony and HMD (Nokia) will have P out to devices within a month of the release next month, 2 tops. If Samsung takes a year that’s on them, there’s no need for it.

OEMConfig is just an app with escalated privileges that interfaces device APIs (those already existing) directly rather than waiting on EMMs to implement it. It’s all already there and waiting to be leveraged on the device, so this won’t be a massive undertaking.

Again, OEMs already support OEMConfig and are waiting on EMMs to provide support, if an OEM chooses not to support it for another year, then that’s their decision and they’ll suffer the consequences of it; Samsung less so since most EMMs support most of their APIs today.

OEMConfig really has nothing to do with OS fragmentation, which Project Treble is actively and visibly addressing at the moment. Within a couple more major Android releases I reckon we’ll be seeing a very different ecosystem.

FYI: The link to appConfig (https://www.appconfig.org/android-oemconfig/) is broken.

Good shout thanks, looks like they dropped the page in favour of a PDF. Fixed.