Why I moved from Google WiFi to Netgear Orbi

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Why I moved from Google WiFi to Netgear Orbi | Jason Bayton

Interesting write up Jason. I moved to Orbi just 2 months ago also. (Came from a X4S Nighthawk). I was attracted by the dedicated backhaul and the inbuilt Disney Circle. Unfortunately the Disney Circle is so crippled it is not worth it so my idea of selling off my existing standalone Disney Circle was short lived. the WiFi has certainly been better than before (I only have 1 satellite). Not sure about the Netgear Armour though… seem to be getting a lot of false positives.

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Good to know about Circle, I’ve still not dabbled with it yet. Netgear has historically been a little cautious with false positives, I ignore most of it also.

Best bit for me so far has been losing the wired connection between down and upstairs (switches get knocked, things unplug) and not noticing any discernible difference. The dedicated wireless backhaul is awesome.