Why Intune doesn't support Android Enterprise COPE

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Why Intune doesn’t support Android Enterprise COPE | Jason Bayton

Great article, thanks!


If Intune does not support cope then is it safe to say if we are migrating from Device Legacy Intune is not fit for purpose?

We want our user data to be separated from the corporate data on the device.


Sorry can I also ask if Intune supports zero touch enrolment for Android Enterprise?

Hi there!

Depends really. Are you looking to fully manage the device? If so I would hold off until 2020. If you aren’t actively seeking to manage the device and only the corp data, you could get away with a work profile deployment.

Intune does support zero-touch, yes.

great read Jason !! 2020 is nearly upon us … do you think 2021 for a GA release on COPE with intune maybe more realistic …im just thinking back to how long COBO was in Preview … .

COBO spent a long time in preview yep, but it was also the first implementation of user based accounts & identity since it was all device based with COSU. There’s no doubt a fair amount of work to support COPE but the foundation is in place following COBO so 2020 still feels doable to me

thats a great point … looking forward to seeing an updated image on your does Intune support COPE yet page :slight_smile: